Would you like to see some of our work? You have come to the right place. This is the section where we show you the fresh look and feel that IdealStyle can provide to your internet business.

From our own movie website that we’ve built from scratch called Cinemaguys (www.cinemaguys.com) that uses Flash, PHP, XML, Podcasting, Photography and an RSS Feed to a website application like http://www.ajkholdings.net/ which is a furniture management system, IdealStyle was there to make it possible. Not only these websites are appealing to visitors, they are also very functional.

In all these years in the business, the team that is now IdealStyle has created sites that are interactive, easy to navigate and efficient. These are some examples of the work we’ve done:




Cabot Institute


Turning the corner

Angela Cosmai


Compass Presentation Services - Flash Template

Sophie's Place - Flower Shop

Lemon Tree - aunisex hair care establishment