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The Shack Hometown Grill website (built entirely in Flash) is open for business
Post by: Friday November 12, 2010
Developing the website was challenging but this is what IdealStyle team of developers and designers do, they explore new possibilities to provide the best solutions for their clients. Find out what makes this website special in the IdealStyle project page.

Diablo’s kitchen is ready to give you an extra taste of red hot pepper! IdealStyle creates a spicy site
Post by: Thursday November 11, 2010
After just few months of development, IdealStyle finishes Diablo’s Cantina Bar Restaurant. IdealStyle designed, developed and added new web functionalities like a carrousel Flash-based slideshow. The site also shows a vast gallery of photos and a pop up menus. Please read more about this IdealStyle project.

IdealStyle has finished Angela's website
Post by: Friday September 24, 2010
IdealStyle is proud to announce the completion of Angela Cosmai website. IdealStyle took care of the design aspect by making it more intuit and appealing for her target audience. The website features Angela’s biography, exclusive line of hair products, and a Flash navigation. To learn more about Angela Cosmai, please visit her website.

IdealStyle vs. “Average Joe”
Post by: Saturday, March 06, 2010
Clients usually talk about their websites being created or edited by a “friend” or “relative” and that can be troublesome for their businesses—uncertain results and so forth. The most important weapons IdealStyle has are professionalism, attention to detail and responsibility (ready to provide deadlines, set up meetings and give estimates [no second guessing]). Here is how IdealStyle different from “friends” and “relatives”:

Your friend/relative, how qualified is this person to build a professional website? And we are not talking about a page or a site for a pet. We are talking about an ecommerce, professional looking website with Flash animation; intuit navigation, forms and PDF-file capabilities and ready to maintain it. Let’s remember that one person working on a website can be time consuming (assuming that this person knows every aspect of the development).

Will your friend/relative provide regular meetings about the progress of your website? IdealStyle provides unlimited amount of meetings while your website is being created/redesigned (asking key questions about the design and content) all included in our packages. We also provide a secured folder within IdealStyle where our clients can see the progress of their websites. Can your friend/brother provide that?

Does your friend/relative have a time table? In an official meeting, IdealStyle will give you an estimate of how long it will take for the completion of your website, so there is no second guessing. Your friend/relative might have good intentions, but he/she probably doesn’t even know how long it will take him to make it happen.

Will your friend/relative test your website? One thing is to build it, the other thing is to test it, and test it the right way. IdealStyle will test your website several times before sending it live—in different popular browsers. If done incorrectly, your site might look fine in one browser and distorted in another one—that would look very unprofessional.

After the website is finished, what then? Not only IdealStyle can create or redesign your website, we can also maintain it for a small fee. Unlike your friend/brother, we set deadlines and fixed rates.

IdealStyle is the best way to get your business moving! Please read
about IdealStyle to learn more.

Angela Cosmai Hair and Body Care is getting a web makeover
Post by: Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Angela Cosmai Hair and Body Care (whose clients are well known celebrities in the Hollywood scene) contacted IdealStyle to redesign her business website. Not only IdealStyle will be creating a new look, but also we will be adding a better navigation and a PayPal e-commerce shopping cart. IdealStyle is committed to provide the best web design for any business.

New look!
Post by: Sunday, December 27 2009
Let’s celebrate 2010 with great prices! IdealStyle is committed to provide great deals for this New Year. We will continue to provide the $100 2-mockup and consultation for your new or existing website. If you want to know more about our deal and services, please contact our sales representative Greg at or write us a note. Happy New Year from IdealStyle!

Silvia’s salon…delivered.
Post by: Monday, December 15 2009
As promised, the Why Not Silvia Beauty Salon is now Live! The Fairfield County based beauty salon has more than 30 years of experience, great products, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

IdealStyle built the website according to the client’s vision and specifications. It features dynamic content like a Flash photo slideshow and Google maps. Also the site contains the history of the salon, especial services and locations. With all these great services, why not Silvia? Visit the site

Why Not Silvia Beauty Salon website under development
Post by: Monday, November 2 2009
The Why Not Silvia’s Beauty Salon is coming to the web. This prestigious company (with more than 30 years in the beauty business) has contacted IdealStyle for the development of their website.

Owner Silvia Torres—who was named the Hispanic Businesswoman of the Year by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce—will provide information about her services and promotions in this upcoming website. IdealStyle is committed to provide with a strong web presence that she asked for. The Why Not Silvia’s Salon is coming December 2009.

IdealStyle Web Services has opened its doors
Post by: Monday, August 3 2009
We are pleased to inform you that the IdealStyle website is open for business. It’s been a hot, humid summer with lots of long days of coding, designing and preparation and we enjoyed every minute of it.

We’d like to thank all the people who have supported our new business. They have faith in our capability to deliver the best web services we can provide and we will never forget that. Now it is time to get to work.