A Brief Introduction of Who We Are
IdealStyle was created by Web Developers Jean-Pierre Salazar, Fiona Fan and Sales Representative Greg Coppola in The Spring of 2009 in Stamford, Connecticut. A team of professionals who understand your internet needs.

IdealStyle provides the best solutions for web design, architecture and maintenance. Together, we have more than ten years of experience in the web development field. To make your business stand up from the rest and attract more costumers, IdeaStyle provides the look and feel to make your business grow in an affordable way.

To find out more, please visit our IdealStyle services page or our portfolio section. If you want to know the latest about IdealStyle, check out our latest news (updated regularly).

IdealStyle are:

Jean-Pierre Salazar: Founder/CEO
Fiona Fan: Creative Director
Quan Wu: Flash ActionScripter/PHP Scripter
Greg C: Sales Representative/PR
Angela Lanzara: Sales Representative

Our Philosophy
IdealStyle understands how important is to work closely with our clients. That’s the reason we have created four Ideal Stages to work, learn, understand and develop your website. These stages were also planned to increase productivity and interactivity between both parties. These are summarized as follow:

  1. Stage One, it’s all about the info: We get as much information from your business and you’ll learn (in greater detail) what we are about and how we can help you—in terms of our working ethics, terms and procedures.
  2. Stage Two, getting ready for developing: Gathering all the elements to begin your project.
  3. Stage Three, starting your project: If we have what is needed to start your project, we signed our service agreement and start your project—all details about your project should be in the contract.
  4. Stage Four, delivering/long term business relationship: Delivering the final product and a long term business relationship (for future edits/updates) is optional.

We always encourage you to be part of the entire process by being involved with the development of your websites and being available for upcoming meetings. Other companies are simply indifferent (or perhaps too big) to listen or understand your visions for your business. IdealStyle will always be there.

Not only we will be available, but also your developing website will be as well. IdealStyle provides a subsection within our website so you can monitor the progress of your website; simply login following your designated link and information that we will provide. Checking the status of your project is that simple!

Our Competitiveness
IdealStyle provides the best web developing/design services for a fraction of other companies charge.

A simple website (up to ten web pages) designed by us with a Flash animation/photo slideshow or navigation, Google Map integration, and a contact form can start at $850¹. And if you want us to update/edit your website after we are done building it, we have our IdealStyle Long Term Business Relationship starting at $40 a month for a six-month to a year contract—renewable ².

Would you like to redesign your website? Right now we have our $100 IdealStyle Cash Back Design Layout Promotion. You tell us to come up with two-design layout for your website for only $100 and if you go with one of them for your website, we’ll deduct the $100. If you’re interested, please fill out this form ³.

¹ Prices may vary. Price applies if client provides all content of the website.
² Prices may vary. The business relationship is based on regular edits and updates. It does not include mayor design work.
³ Read the terms and conditions for this promotion.

A personal or call meeting is required before promotion.